Approach – Design

At Datanetic we offer innovative and creative web design services that aim to promote and enhance your presence on the Internet.

Appreciating our adjustment in your business attributes as a critical point in the design and development of your website, we listen carefully and study your wishes.

Using best practices and modern design tools, we respond to your specific needs.

Following a strong strategy we fully commit ourselves to the best possible result.

Initial Plan

Once we have gathered and analyzed the information you have presented to us, we proceed to the wording of the original plan.

Here’s where our team’s knowledge, professionalism and creativity are dynamically involved in the design of your site.

The basic structure of your website is printed on the paper along with the main features and all its interconnected parts.

The next step is research. We study the field of your business so that we can present your services in the most appropriate way.

Content design

At this point our attention is paid to the drawing of all pages of your website so that we can develop the content.

Each page is defined, designed and acquires the appropriate structure in order to accept the content.

All the features related to page layout, categorization as well as the correlation among each other take place at this stage.

This step is of high important since, after completing it, we have the basic structure and navigation of the whole website. It is the canvas on which we will draw.


Having completed the structure of the site, we develop the content of all pages



The next stage is the construction of the website, a process that requires the longest time to be materialized.

By using code we link all the elements of the selected formatting and define their layout.

We set up correlations and interactions between the data of the chosen formatting and check if everything was done exactly as we designed it.

Once we find out that the encoding we’ve created is working properly, we check the appearance of the website in the World Wide Web.


Responsive Design

Besides the safe entry of your website on the global web, it’s mportant to have it designed to work properly on all available devices (computer, mobile, laptop, tablet).

The responsive design is based on the code that has been developed.

Through multiple settings the structure – content – operation of the pages of the whole website is defined and designed for each device. In this way the website is fully and well – accessible via all devices.