At Datanetic we pay special attention to our services, one of these is the hosting of our clients’ websites


The term web hosting refers to the continuous and secure posting of a website on the World Wide Web.

This particular web service is of paramount importance to us, since it directly affects the security and proper operation of the websites we design and develop.
The constant and secure presence of our customers on the global web is a key element of our philosophy; we use proprietary servers to provide a safe space for hosting our clients’ Websites.


We guarantee the safe hosting of your Website or e-shop on a proprietary server in Europe.

With almost 100% continuous access and backup of your Website, we are sure your site will always be ‘Online’.

Speed and Support

We undertake all the processes involved in creating your website; from the registration of its name, to the use of SSL certificates.

We constantly update your site for its proper and uninterrupted operation. On this way potential problems related to connection and security are reduced.

We provide affordable contracts tailored to your needs

Request an offer and secure your website